Company Profile


  • Founded in 1996
  • The biggest “Conveyor Belt” Sushi brand in Taiwan
  • Over 400 global outlets, including several in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the United States
  • Over 9,000 employees and hundreds of partnering companies

Brands under Sushi Express (HK) Co., Ltd.

At Sushi Express, customers can enjoy more than 80 kinds of tempting sushi and appetizers directly from the conveyor belt, all at an affordable HK$8 per plate – it is our wish to help more people fall in love with sushi.

Located in busy traffic hubs, Sushi Take-Out stores offer individually packed sushi, sushi boxes and various donburi that are freshly made on-site as well as a fine selection of drinks and snacks to satisfy every preference with speed and convenience.

Brand under True Elements United Co., Ltd.

Teishoku 8 offers eight set menus of a main dish with appetizer, miso soup and dessert for HK$48/$58 each. Teishoku 8 is a satisfying option for sampling refined Japanese cuisine, with some à la carte items also available.

Brand under Go Fresh Co., Ltd.

With direct purchase from more than 300 suppliers in more than 20 countries, Go Fresh fully utilizes our international trading strength in seafood to serve Sushi Express outlets as well as our worldwide customers of major hypermarkets, supermarkets, restaurants and retail stores. In 2015, we set up the first automated salmon processing factory in Hong Kong, followed by salmon smoking, tamagoyaki and steamed egg custard production facilities to establish a more comprehensive product line.

Brand Development Overseas

Sushi Express strives to be the world’s NO.1 sushi brand. Since beginning our expansion overseas in 2006, we have firmly adhered to the principle of “affordability” while catering to local culture and tastes to counter the idea that eating sushi has to be expensive. It is our mission to bring the great taste of sushi to more people everywhere, and today, Sushi Express sells an average of 1,863 sushi every minute around the world.


Selling sushi at RMB¥6 per plate, Sushi Express entered the China market in the five first-tier cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin, and by 2015 has set up more than 50 conveyor belt restaurants in 14 cities including Dalian, Shenyang, Qingdao, Chengdu, Xiamen and Wuhan.

Hong Kong

Sushi Express redefined sushi in Hong Kong by selling at HK$8 per plate in conveyor belt restaurants and HK$3 per sushi in take-out stores.


Selling mainly sushi at the approachable price of SG$1.50 a plate has been successful in differentiating us from local Japanese food competitors.

United States

Zensen Sushi Express caused a stir when the restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles opened selling sushi at just US$1.75 a plate and making tipping unnecessary. Aside from serving genuine Japanese sushi, Zensen also caters to local tastes by offering sushi rolls.